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professional PLAYER trails

This is a unique program that goes above and beyond what the ordinary agencies have to offer. Our services take care of every aspect of the lifestyle of a soccer player so that the athlete can solely focus on his performance. We offer all the services a player may need under one umbrella. One program that addresses the needs of an athlete in order to achieve full potential.

 Europa Challenge has established fantastic partnerships with many great clubs throughout Europe.
Over the last 3 years we have had individual player trials in The Netherlands and Belgium. Europa Challenge European trial follows the same format as Dutch “Eredivisie”. We provide players the opportunity to train with a European professional club to gain valuable international experience. Once we have suitable knowledge of the player, we will assign the player to a European Football Club for Trials for paid soccer.
Many programs throughout Europe are often linked to professional football clubs however, players are often disappointed when they arrive and find that they are not training with a signed academy or professional players. In return, they do not get the authentic football experience because they are often playing and training with shadow squads or development teams.
Europa Challenge players will only train with signed academy or professional players. In addition, players will experience a professional environment led by qualified club coaches.