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Joseph Kent signs with Dream Team Academy Amsterdam

Joseph Kent signs with Dream Team Academy Amsterdam

Five Europa Challenge players were picked in the 2016 program to begin their youth professional training in an unusual way for American players.

Playing in Europe is one of the most likely dreams for kids all over America. A lot of dedication and a certain alignment in life are necessary to reach this goal, often neglecting friends or some social activities. Joseph Kent is one  players who decided to take this chance. 

Alfed Eydelstein exclusively talked to Joseph Kent about his journey in the Netherlands.”Becoming a player in Europe is always tied to a total dedication to soccer having no time for extra activities”. “You don’t have this opportunity in San Diego,” Joseph added. “Even if you’re playing in the highest youth level in California. How can you develop at three hours a week training? “These clubs demand a lot of money but give a little.”

“Starting training in the Netherlands and having the opportunity to play on a youth professional level (BVO) with my Dutch team, made the improvement to a new play style. Dutch Coach Orson Naarendorp has a liking for players from the USA.

“I, think that coach Orson Naarendorp always honored me as players because of my hard work. The technical and tactical experience Dream Team Academy brought to my play system,” Joseph said, in such a short period would have taken me two years of training in San Diego.” Here at Dream Team Academy i can use my physicality and athleticism, and when it comes down to the ball i can be creative and become a boss on the field.”


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