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What is the CHALLENGE?
The CHALLENGE is a program that we offer in conjunction with Europa Challenge (EC) and several Academies and clubs in Europe. Our CHALLENGE program is designed to provide the environment where players can work towards achieving their maximum potential, but it can't end there, so we are also facilitating opportunities for them to realize that potential in match play against the top youth players in from Europe and other countries.

Who can join the Challenge?
You cannot tryout for it or join through traditional club methods. This is by invitation only. Once a player has caught the eye of one of our programs scouts they must then display all the characteristics that make up the foundation of a great player before being invited. Just like all soccer organizations we will have players at all levels of advancement.

When and Where will we train, who will train us?
Challenge players will train a minimum of 5 training sessions in one time per week in Europe. In addition to the weekly training Challenge players are expected to attend annual training in Holland. Training provided by top professionals. 
Will we play games as a team?
YES, Yes Yes……. Challenge players will participate in games throughout the year as a team. They may come in the form of local friendly matches, local tournament play,  and of course they will play during the bi-annual train and play trips aka Holland Tour.
Did we say other countries?
Yes, we did. Players will need to have a passport. While it is not required to take part in activities that are taking place stateside, you will need a passport to travel and take part in our international training and games.
What are the costs?
Unfortunately, we won’t be able to give you a fixed answer here as cost will vary based on the different destinations that we will train and play in. We will do our best to list the various things that you will need to pay for throughout the year.

Travel Expenses
Training Fees
Food and Lodging (unless part of a package price)
Uniform Kits
Game fees (US or Overseas) 

Our trainers are committed to seriously prepare each player that meets the qualification and requirements, and then taking steps to engage in tryouts and possible placement.

Examples of partners in our network include:

FIFA licensed players’ agents, sport attorneys who represent players, negotiate international transfers, and provide expertise in players’ contracts
Scouts representing major professional clubs
International soccer academies providing younger and non-professional players incredible development training and  playing opportunities. 

Agents, scouts, and soccer academies interested in becoming a preferred affiliate of our Soccer Agent Network may contact us by email with some information about their background, expertise, and offerings.