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Challenge soccer school

San Marcos, CA provides the perfect location for soccer training. Located North of San Diego and South of Orange County, it is known for its restaurants, beautiful landscapes, friendly residents, and nearby beaches. Having said that it is also the loving home of the Europa Challenge Soccer School. 

The soccer school is a collection of talented youth players from ages 6 to 17 years, that will be selected at the clubs in the region. Selected players will train together for several days a week, for an eight month period. Street soccer is essential to the development process. And with that being said, we do not mean the so-called “side to side” playing soccer. With “side to side” soccer players, the technical and tactical aspect of the sport is not evident. The program strives to encourage participants to be goal-oriented while giving them the feeling of invincibility through our play concept. Our concept is for the player to become more intelligent so that they can problem solve in situations on the field (to be the boss on the field in a positive way). Which ties in functional technology and “street mentality”. Do not be afraid of anything and yet have respect for the opponent. Chin up, chest forward and go!

The advantages for the players are that they will obtain a taste of the atmosphere at a Dutch youth professional club. To enroll a player in the soccer school, the player should be familiar with basic soccer skills. In this way, we can ensure that player is not faced with unexpected difficulties.

Testing and evaluating the player

In order to observe all of the qualities, players are challenged and evaluated in various situations, during our overseas training and games. Evaluating the player overseas, based on their play level and mutual competitions compared to players overseas, seems better than judging their skills only at the club in their home country. The youth player can also form a better understanding of European soccer, where the game is played on a much higher level. In general, the soccer school evaluates players on basic skills such as: game intelligence, mental toughness, endurance, the ability to improve. 

Fall Season: Sept 18th 2021 - Nov. 16th 2021
Winter Season: Dec 12th 2021 - Feb 20th 2022
Spring Season Feb 27th 2022- April. 24th 2022
Summer Season May 1st 2022- July 10th 2022
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